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Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am currently caring for my sick mother and so, while I have uploaded some past works my new work will likely be slow in coming.

While life is not exactly the way I planned it right now, I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else.

I have created this blog to remind me, in the meantime, of who I am and what it is that I 'do'.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Red Flower

Oil stick

on paper

This one was used as a raffle prize for a teacher of mine whose studio burned down.
20 years of work went up in smoke!
It was devastating for her.

Copyright 2009


jeannette stgermain said...

That would be devastating for any artist - I can't even imagine!
hope you are ok?

Strawberry Girl said...

Wow!! I wish I could have entered the raffle! I want that painting!!

It must have been a hard time for your teacher, were you all able to help her out?

Plus- thanks for stopping by my blog.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - I can't even imagine how awful that would be!
Beautifu painting!

~Babs said...

Great macro of the flower,,feels very O'Keeffe-ish, and the red against the indigo gives a brilliant 'glow' to the work. I hope a ton of cash was raised for that artist,,,what a tragic thing!

Patty said...

I love the bold colors. You are great!